Questions on the Psalms

In the WIBC Sunday School, we have been discussing the psalms. These sets of questions (and some notes) were produced to help people think about the issues in the week's psalm in advance.

Here is a study on Ps 1 given by Herb Parunak on 3 August 2014.

Here is a study on Ps 27 given by Ross Leavitt on 22 August 2010.

For Christmas 2016, we studied Isaac Watts' carol "Joy to the World," which is based on Psalms 96 and 98. Notes, charts, and audio are available.

Here is a brief paper on Psa 138:2, explaining the relation between God's word and his name.

For Easter 2015, we studied Psa 118, in two studies: vv. 1-18 (charts and audio), and vv. 19-29 (charts and audio). Notes on the entire Psalm are also available.

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