Studies in Joshua

Here are notes on a series of messages Joshua presented at WIBC between 1997 and 1999. Audio is in preparation.

The overall structure of the book is chiastic. The main body consists of the conquest (ch. 5-12) and division (ch. 13-21) of the land, introduced by the death of Moses, exhortation, and a memorial, and closed with the same three elements in reverse order.

MP3 Audio Files
Overview Material
Introductory Overview
Final Overview
Overview Chart

ch. 1-4: Death of Leader, Exhortation, Memorial
Notes on 1:1-9
Notes on 1:10-18
Notes on 2:1
Notes on 2:2-24, Conversations with Rahab
Notes on חֶסֶד
Notes on 3:1-16
Notes on 3:17-4:13

ch. 5-12: Conquest of the Land
Notes on ch. 5
Notes on ch. 6, Conquest of Jericho
Notes on the יֹבֶל
Notes on 7:1
Notes on 7:2-26, The Sin of Achan
Notes on Patterns of Intercession
Notes on ch. 8
Notes on ch. 9
Notes on ch. 10, The Southern Campaign
Chart of ch. 10
Notes on 11:1-14
Notes on 11:15-12:24
Chart on ch. 11-12
Summary map of the conquest

ch. 13-21: Division of the Land
Overview of ch. 13-21
Summary Chart of Tribes of Israel
Structure of 13:1-14:5
Notes on Caleb, ch. 14-15
Notes on ch. 15, Judah
Notes on ch. 16, Ephraim
Notes on ch. 17, Manasseh
Notes on 18:1-10
Chart on 18:1-10
Notes on ch. 18, Benjamin
Notes 19:1-9, Simeon
Notes on 19:10-16, Zebulun
Notes on 19:17-23, Issachar
Notes on 19:24-31, Asher
Notes 19:32-39, Naphthali
Notes on 19:40-48, Dan
Notes on ch. 20, Cities of Refuge
Notes on ch. 21, Levitical Cities
Technical note: syntax of חלק

ch. 22-24: Memorial, Exhortation, Death of Leaders
Notes on ch. 22, An Altar Named Ed
Notes on ch. 23, Joshua's Farewell
Notes on 24:1-28, Covenant at Shechem
Notes on 24:29-33, Three Funerals
Chart comparing ch. 24 with ancient treaties

Supplemental materials (pdf):

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