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What's New

Today (April 23) we study the parables of the days of Noah and the Thief in Matt 24:36-45. Charts on the study are also available.

There are two new items of interest on the site:

The pdf notes for the entire book of Ephesians are now available here. Audio exists and will be posted as it is converted.

The messages on Jeremiah have all been uploaded, and are available here. Next we will be uploading the audio of the messages on Ephesians, Lord willing.

Van's book on divorce and remarriage, Except for Fornicationis now in print, and available through  both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The Topical Studies page now includes a link to a separate page on the subject of Divorce and Remarriage, which will support materials associated with this book, and Van will discuss questions on the blog.


What's Here

This page brings together a variety of Bible study notes, position papers, and links of interest to Christian believers who are led of the Spirit to live individually and corporately according to the patterns and teaching of the New Testament. Here's a high-level description of what you'll find.

Book Studies
Here you'll find audio (mp3) files of expositions of a number of books of the Bible. In some cases, written notes (in pdf format) for the studies are available as well.
Topical Studies
Here are studies on the New Testament Church, divorce and remarriage, last things, the doctrine of salvation, Israel's holy days, and traditional Christian holidays.
Bible Study Methods
The materials under this tab will help you learn to study the Bible better.
We enjoy singing the scriptures, or scripture paraphrases. Here are some selections that might be a blessing to you.
Here are links to a number of useful resources by other people that deserve to be more widely known.
This journal contains observations about various Bible passages and topics, a brief summary of each week's message, and examples of how to use Bible study software.
About Us
Here's where you can learn about the small church of which we're a part, and how to contact us.