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King Ahaz and the Virgin

This week’s message explores the Immanuel prophecy. It argues that

  • the meaning “virgin” for עלמה is legitimate, and it is not true that  בתולה would be a more appropriate word to convey this sense;
  • the emphasis on the virgin birth of one who would be “God with us” would be profoundly meaningful to Ahaz in the context, and is probably intentional on the part of Isaiah;
  • thus Matthew’s quotation of Isa 7:14 is not a loose adaptation of a non-messianic prophecy, but entirely in keeping with how the verse functions in its context.

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Worry is a Sin

This week’s study on Isa 7:1-9 introduces the war between Judah and its northern enemies Israel and Syria. King Ahaz, fearful of losing his throne, seeks help from Assyria, but the Lord sends Isaiah to command him not to fear, and instead to believe in the Lord. Isaiah’s command reminds us that worry is a sin. Our Lord would have us to be without care (1 Cor 7:32a).

The study highlights evidence, both in the text and in the historical context from 2 Kings 15-16 and 2 Chr 28, that Ahaz’s great concern at this time is losing his place in the dynastic succession. Recognizing his fear is crucial for understanding the Immanuel prophecy, which we will study next week.

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NT Quotations, and the Remnant

This week’s study includes a review of the NT quotations of Isa 6:9-10, and a study of the threatened judgment and the remnant in vv. 11-13.

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Uncreation in Isa 6:12

Isaiah describes the coming judgment in Isa 6:12 with the words, “the Lord removes men far away.” “Men” is actually the definite singular construction האדם: “The Lord removes the man far away.” Careful exegesis will note this usage, and explore its meaning. Continue reading Uncreation in Isa 6:12…

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Hardening Hearts

The latest study is on Isaiah 6:9-10, which commands Isaiah to harden people to the Word of God. How does hardening happen? Continue reading Hardening Hearts…

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Expanding the Scope of the Cyber-Chapel Blog

Up until now, this blog has focused on examples of using Bible study software. I discover those examples in the course of a weekly expository ministry at a home church in Ann Arbor, MI, and the studies presented there are available in full as mp3 files (and sometimes textual notes) on the Cyber-Chapel website. As future messages are added, I propose to add a brief summary of each one to the blog, so that those who would like more than the occasional detailed comments but who don’t want to listen to a full message each week can learn when something appears that they might want to explore further. Let me know if it’s helpful.

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